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Investment Process

Our professional approach:

Each stage of cooperation process is based on close attention and individual approach to the Client, knowledge sharing and assistance in decision making.

Goals setting, Objectives and constraints identification
Major considerations are: Return, Risk factors, Investment volume, Time horizon, Market timing, Liquidity, Diversification, Exit strategies, Taxation and Legal.

Designing an investment policy
An investment policy statement sets the framework for all of the investment decisions that follow.

Choosing the right investment strategy and asset mix
Investment proposal is developed comprising recommendations on the asset classes’ selection, scenario modeling, return expectations and even forecasts adjusted according to different market conditions.

Property acquisition
We are constantly looking for attractive properties which fulfill the investment criteria.
We offer assistance in:

Asset management
The portfolio is managed in such a way as to ensure that the medium-to-long-term investment goals are met, in accordance with the strategy agreed with the client. Close attention is paid to economy and market monitoring as well as risk management.

Periodical reviews of the client's financial circumstances and the portfolio's performance are key to achieving the desired level of growth.